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I’m back home, after race, crossing the city still on my bike and backpack. Here and there meet some rider returning like me to their meeting places. I could not notice that the “competitive silence” of the race was over and a chaotic vehicular traffic invaded any corner of the city. Cars and scooters scrambling about their comfortable seats attacking traffic lights, crossroads and crosswalks, with the typical rude indifference to everything they have around … A beautiful city, which Scvdo’s crew organizers of Respublica Superiorem celebrated in an excellent way.

Pedaling home, I just reflected on fair play, the joy of pedaling fixed and the desire to prove themselves that they had all the participants in this now famous event dedicated all’HillBombing. Reflections in total contrast with the compulsiveness’ street that I see, disinterested and unaware of beauty in images and emotions that I felt in this race.

This discipline is perhaps even “older” than the classic criterium that we are now used to accept. Here we breathe the essence of all the values of the aggregation that has made fixed a phenomenon in continuous expansion. The outfits of the riders and the materials they choose to use, are more like a “mad max” film than a cycling race, and what amazes everyone for the skill and courage with which they face the technical paths.

For this edition the track was almost prohibitive, purposely designed to take out that heroic component that can always be recognized by a “pioneer” of an unknown world.

These boys and girls are the real essence of the world of the fixed and this I learned here in the field.

Finally I can say that this experience is rightfully among the most beautiful races in the world, for the commitment and the spirit of aggregation that Scvdo Genova (bicycle collective based in Genoa) has been able to express and share in 61km and 1800 m of asphalt gradient, hills, gravel, mountains, and stones, brakeless.

Standing ovation for Elia Veca who beat me and big up to Giacomo Ichino with whom we faced a crazy downpour down from Monte Fasce, after my accidental fall (by the way: I thank Matteo Bico who gave me assistance stopping his race ). But I would like to highlight the strength of the girls who participated, their tenacity facing this difficult race, at least surprised anyone who was upon arrival. Emma Missale win on Stefania Rubini.

Alessandro Bruzza

Pics di Francesco Bartoli Avveduti x Scvdo Genova
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