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After Montecatini Terme’s race, the desired premises in view of the Milanese appointment, the second stage of the Italian Fixed Cup, have been almost fully satisfied (almost, and ‘only because of’ good wishes to feel good that unfortunately has me badly worn ..)! Saturday, April 14, the legendary Lambro Park, iconic place for many fixed riders, has been celebrated with due respect. Lambrooklin for those who do not know or recently arrived in the fixed scene, was the place of the “first time” and launching pad for many, for those who then never ‘gave up their fixie, meeting the famous “collective workouts” aka Lambro Crit. In short, the “Lambrodrome” has forged champions! And the set-up on Saturday seemed impeccable, reminding me of the Bovisa during Red Hook! Music shouted, wild talk, live streaming for all races and great participation of a curious lambrooklianian public scattered here and ‘on the barricades anxious to see the show on a sunny and different afternoon! Among the rider’s tents I can appreciate the female presence of top athletes like Elena Valentini, Virginia Cancellieri, Giorgia Fraiegari, winner of the first stage IFC, Letizia Galvani, Martina Biolo and also two foreigners: the French Margaux Vigie and the American Hanna Raymond, also present in Montecatini. For a total of 8 participants! Of course, there were no other local appeals. Spilled to see Corinne Casati injured at the knee and for her, a wish for speedy recovery! Stefania also crossed for a greeting in the audience to follow the race. Too bad, this time we could be record … ..! The level of the athletes present seems to me very high! Even if this judgment comes from a neophyte amateur, in her second year of criterium (and above all a past agonist as a basketball player!) There is no doubt. For me there are always strong emotions, despite the broken nerves, face a test of this kind, the race with the respectable profs. The course receives good feed-backs from many, defined as a mix of technical and fun. Compared to the classic Lambro the novelty ‘of change in direction, from time to anti-clock and with a characteristic deviation to the height of the 3rd curve. Qualifications are an excellent fatigue heating. The cycling path of Montecatini is just a distant memory ;-), You test the path at a sustained pace since the first minutes. The race was rather tiring for me, I imagined it, often also distorted and disturbed by the simultaneous presence of B riders. This aspect of course for some and ‘was an advantage, for others not at all. Listening to the post-race comments, it is absolutely necessary to evaluate the organizers, a race only for women. Did I mention a very high female athletic level just now ?! Well, the absolute confirmation comes immediately after the start of the women’s race, 15 seconds from the distance of B guys. Elena Valentini thinks to wipe out any doubt! I think he upset all those present (including reporters) and especially the guys with his EX-PLO-SI-VE leg. Throughout the race, SHE is ahead of everyone. But to a very short distance there is the strong Giorgia Fraiegari. Elena wins this stage without any difficulty, second place for Fraiegari and third for the French Margaux Vigie. At the next, Girls, do not be desired!

By Meleonore

Chris Leustean
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